In 2017 BFI was established in the area of animal health values importing,
marketing and technically backing-up the best-in-pharmaceutical and feed
additives. This phase allotted to BFI its ingenious end-user orientation and its
exceptional rapport with our customers.
Today, approaching 2020, BFI represents the national important in Animal
Health, and the trusted partner our aspiration is to be the Egyptian leader in
Animal Health, conquering traditional animal health problems with innovative
solutions in cooperation with our pioneer partners.

company mission

BFI committing to support the Egyptian market with the highest quality veterinary products that ensure growth enhancement, maximized production, maximized feed utilization, & a selective protection against pathogens which in all insures the maximum profit for its clients.

company vision

BFI aims to take the lead of the Egyptian therapeutic feed additive ,vaccines market by the powerful high quality products through a long term stable growth in harmony with the global economy, Egyptian poultry market it serves & its stockholders.


We aim to achieve 8 Million us $ net sales with market share from feed additive market 2020